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Mould remediation in interior areas

We get to the root of the mould problem!


That means the complete removal of the fruiting body on surfaces, the destruction of the network of roots in the substrate and, naturally, determining the causes to prevent renewed mould contamination.

The basis of professional mould remediation relies on skilled damage analysis at the property by a specialist. The cause of mould contamination can be

A structural-physical ,
e.g. through structural thermal bridges or moisture penetrating through parts of the building

B caused by ventilation ,
i.e. the air exchange rate is not suited for the way in which the living space is used.

In both cases, increased humidity in the ambient air of > 70% is decisive for the build-up of condensation on ceilings, walls and fittings.  

Our goal is to ensure a hygienic indoor climate, taking into consideration the property and the causes, at an acceptable cost. Through continuous further development, our products today guarantee maximum effectiveness for protection against mould and bacteria using the minimum dose of functional active substances. Of paramount importance is a conscious approach to the use of biocide agents balanced against the latent hazard to humans from mycotoxins.

Remediation with the 3-phase system

Sanierung mit dem 3-Phasen-System

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