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Renovation concept

Living area

The reason why the mould developed in the first place should be clarified prior to starting work. Common reasons are structural defects as well as insufficient ventilation. With the FAKOLITH system solution the substrate is remediated and preventatively protected.

If it is not possible to change or remedy the cause of the mould infestation, approximately 2-3 renovation intervals can be skipped with the FAKOLITH system solution. It is important to note here that the health risks associated with mould fungus should not be underestimated. FAKOLITH products are not harmful to health and are chlorine-free.

Renovation for living area

Food companies

As a manufacturer of painting systems for the food industry, FAKOLITH offers products for coating rooms for production, cooling, storage and sales in the food industry that meet the high hygiene requirements. This concept generally fulfils the requirements. Please carefully read through the individual renovation steps and determine which actions are relevant for your property.

Our specialist consultants are available to limit any potential risks associated with the process. Given that renovations carried out in the area of food production always require special handling, we recommend you take advantage of our free consultation service to evaluate the substrate.

Renovation food industry

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